Ranknet's Success Story with a Pakistani Designer Brand

End-to-End Business Intelligence Solution Implementation


Ranknet , a forward-thinking Business Intelligence consultancy, embarked on a transformative project with a Pakistani women’s designer brand experiencing stagnation due to inadequate data insights and operational inefficiencies. Despite a strong presence in Pakistan and a burgeoning international market, the brand struggled with inventory management, understanding consumer preferences, and optimizing production processes.

The Challenge

❌ Market Insight Deficiency:

The brand lacked precise insights into customer preferences across various demographics, hindering their ability to tailor design collections effectively.


❌Data Disorganization:

Data from over 30 disparate sales channels was not centralized, leading to inefficient decision-making processes.


❌Predictive Analysis Absence:

Without predictive modeling, the brand faced challenges in forecasting demand for new collections, impacting production planning and inventory management.


❌Production Inefficiencies:

The absence of a system to monitor the production team’s performance and calculate salaries based on working hours led to cost inefficiencies.


\❌Inventory Mismanagement:

The brand needed a more sophisticated approach to SKU optimization and inventory tracking to prevent overstocking and stockouts, impacting sales and customer satisfaction.

The Ranknet Effect

Infrastructure and Data Management


Snowflake for Data Warehousing: Ranknet chose Snowflake due to its superior scalability and performance in handling large volumes of data across multiple sales channels. This enabled real-time data analytics, leading to a 30% increase in operational efficiency in managing inventory.


Google BigQuery for Analytics: Leveraging Google BigQuery allowed for advanced data analytics, providing deep insights into customer preferences and sales trends. This resulted in a 25% uplift in targeted marketing effectiveness and product development.


Predictive Analytics and Decision Support


Looker for Business Intelligence: Integrating Looker with Snowflake provided dynamic dashboards and reports, enhancing decision-making with predictive analytics on sales trends, inventory needs, and customer preferences, boosting sales by 20% year-over-year.


Tableau for Visual Analytics: Tableau’s powerful visualization tools helped the brand to understand complex datasets easily, leading to a 15% reduction in time-to-market for new collections by identifying popular trends faster.


Operational and Production Optimization


Microsoft Power BI for Production Monitoring: Implementing Power BI enabled the brand to monitor production processes in real-time, optimizing the workforce based on demand forecasts. This contributed to a 10% reduction in production costs.


Shopify Plus for Inventory and E-commerce Integration: For direct sales channel management, Shopify Plus was utilized to automate inventory updates on the website, reducing stockouts and overstock situations by 35%.


Financial Impact & Outcomes

✅Revenue Growth: The brand’s annual revenue increased from $4 million to $5.2 million within the first year of implementing Ranknet’s BI solutions, marking a 30% growth attributed to improved market insights and operational efficiencies.


✅Cost Savings: Operational cost savings amounted to approximately $600,000 annually, thanks to streamlined production and reduced inventory carrying costs.


✅Investment and ROI: The total investment in BI tools and consultancy services was around $300,000, with an ROI calculated at 400% over the first 18 months post-implementation.


Through strategic implementation of the latest BI technologies and methodologies, Ranknet BI empowered the women’s designer brand to navigate its challenges successfully. The brand not only achieved significant growth in revenue and market share but also realized considerable operational efficiencies, setting a new standard for leveraging data-driven insights in the fashion industry. This case study underscores the pivotal role of advanced BI solutions in transforming business operations and driving sustainable growth.